A community of 30,000 creators and influencers crafting visual storytelling for brands


1. Identify the right influencers


A proprietary technology to reach 42 MM of social influencers worldwide, providing valuable insights on quantitative and qualitative insights from ShineBuzz Artificial Intelligence Technology.

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Analytics Parameters

2. Create visual storytelling

We believe in CONFLUENCE, merging relationships between influencers and content, to create engaging -while brand safe- content.

3. Manage your campaigns


An end-to-end solution, with a dedicated account executive, providing assistance through all the process: contracts, legal compliance, planning, editorial guidance and contingency management, compensation, logistical details, etc.

  • Influencer Identification

  • Performance Prediction

  • Strategy & Creative Concept

  • Influencer Activation & Delivery

  • Analysis of Performance

4. Monitor your results

We track performance considering 50+ parameters and analyzing 10+ data points.




  • The Samyroad team understood from the very beginning the brand heritage and positioning and workes as a real partner to develop a creative and original campaign with flexibility and understanding. I'd point out their passion, creativity and the quality in the final result. I'm sure we will work soon on the next campaign.

    Virginia Lázaro
    Virginia Lázaro Public Relations Manager Estée Lauder
  • The process was very good. From the creative process to the review process, getting to the result was very easy. We’ve done video with other people, and the process was not easy. The quality of the video is awesome, no questions there. We saw a 26% increase in CTR.

    Vincent Bourzeix
    Vincent Bourzeix CMO, Try The World
  • Professionalism, creativity and passion, these are the attributes that define SamyRoad. From the very beginning his involvement was total, assimilating and understanding all our internal processes, adapting to our philosophy and providing invaluable human and creative capital. They have been our partner in the design of the entire digital campaign. We are pretty sure that they have been the key to the success of the 7 Anonymous Loewe campaign!

    Zahara Manchado García
    Zahara Manchado García Global PR & Communications Director of LOEWE

Case  studies




  • Juan Sanchez-Herrera
    Juan Sanchez-Herrera CEO & Co-Founder

    L’Oréal – P&G

  • Marta Nicolas
    Marta Nicolas CMO & Co-Founder

    L’Oréal – Lehman Brothers

  • Patricia Ratia
    Patricia Ratia CFO & Co-founder

    Deloitte – ICADE

  • Moisès Macià
    Moisès Macià CTO

    Universidad de Alicante

  • Ignacio Carpio
    Ignacio Carpio Product Owner

    Ka International

  • Jesús Arnaiz
    Jesús Arnaiz Backend developer

    Facultad de Informática (UPM)

  • Carmen López
    Carmen López Designer

    Thyssen Bornemisza

  • Sonsoles Piñeiro Kruik
    Sonsoles Piñeiro Kruik Country Manager Spain


  • Francisco Morgado
    Francisco Morgado Country Manager Portugal

    L’Oréal – Warner Music

  • Juan Andrés Elhazaz
    Juan Andrés Elhazaz Country Manager France

    L’Oréal – P&G – Loewe

  • Caritina Knight
    Caritina Knight Head of Customer Success

    Hermes – ICADE

  • Fabiola Guerrero Ros
    Fabiola Guerrero Ros Head of Customer Success


  • Teresa Jarabo
    Teresa Jarabo Brand Strategist

    IBM, Banco Santander

  • Ainoa Brenes
    Ainoa Brenes Brand Strategist

    Madrid Diferente

  • María González-Úbeda
    María González-Úbeda Brand Strategist


  • Claudia Molina Gómez
    Claudia Molina Gómez Brand Strategist

    Havas Media

  • Mónica Gonçalves
    Mónica Gonçalves Brand Strategist

    SK Studio Collective

  • Ricky Pombo
    Ricky Pombo Brand Strategist

    NYC Spain Consulate

  • Sofia Ferreirinho
    Sofia Ferreirinho Account Executive


  • Raquel Hernández
    Raquel Hernández Account Executive

    Univ. Rey Juan Carlos

  • Inês Cunha
    Inês Cunha Account Executive

    ISCTE Business School

  • Laura Bejerano
    Laura Bejerano Account Executive

    Kschool Master

  • Carlota Pereira
    Carlota Pereira Sales Executive

    Chic By Choice

  • Luis Manuel Ortega
    Luis Manuel Ortega Sales Executive

    Univ. Rey Juan Carlos

  • Ignacio Fernández
    Ignacio Fernández Sales Executive


  • Andrea Martínez
    Andrea Martínez Junior Sales Executive

    Univ. Rey Juan Carlos

  • Ana Schatzmann
    Ana Schatzmann Junior Sales Executive

    Advanced Medical Systems, S.L.

  • Cayetano Redondo
    Cayetano Redondo Junior Sales Executive


  • Telmo Trenado
    Telmo Trenado Junior Sales Executive

    Mondragon Unibertsitatea
    #Creative #Crazy

  • Esther Galvez
    Esther Galvez Graphic Designer


  • Iria Sara Martín Velasco
    Iria Sara Martín Velasco Graphic Designer

    Azul Comunicación