“Ídolos” Awards from the inside: 

Date: March 15, 2024

What is it like to be a jury member of one of the largest digital creation awards in Spain?

On March 14, the 3rd edition of the “Ídolo” Awards was held in Madrid. These awards, created by In Management together with The Music Republic, were born with the aim of rewarding the digital content creators work in Spain.

Ricky Hontañón Pombo, our Head Of Influencer Marketing at SamyRoad, was one of the members of the jury for this edition. Here we share some behind-the-scenes details of the awards, criteria and the future of the work of content creation.

  • What do you highlight about the “Ídolo” Awards and why do you consider them important within the influencer landscape?

The “Ídolo” Awards are an incredible platform that highlights creativity and innovation in the digital world. It is an honor for me to be part of a jury that recognizes and celebrates the great work of many influencers and content creators. In an industry where quality and authenticity are key, these awards are a reflection of the commitment and professionalism of those who choose to embark on the complex world of influencer marketing and digital community.

  • What does the jury value most when giving an award to a content creator or influencer?

The jury values a combination of key elements when presenting any award or recognition. These elements go beyond simple popularity and focus on quality, authenticity and the real impact the content creator has on their audience and the industry in general. What are the keys to success? For me they are values such as creativity, originality, engagement with the audience, quality of their content, authenticity of values, innovation in making collaborations and their commitment to social impact and responsibility. It is also important that they have their own way of communicating, that they are unique in a certain way and even, why not, that they change the rules of the game. 

  • Is the quality of the publications and brands you collaborate with important?

The jury will recognize the ability of content creators to innovate in their collaborations, marketing strategies and approaches to interact with the audience. Versatility and the ability to adapt to emerging trends are also appreciated. In fact, when it comes to Influencer Marketing strategies and campaigns, at SamyRoad we always carry out an in-depth study of the profiles we want to work with, always choosing those who make the best match with our brands. 

  • Is the responsibility that influencers have on their community valued? 

Influencers or creators who use their platform to generate a positive impact on society and advocate for meaningful causes are highly valued. Social responsibility and commitment to relevant issues are aspects that the jury takes into account in several categories.

  • Are influencers with more followers still rewarded more? 

Over time, there has been an evolution in the perception of the value of influencers in the marketing industry. Although in the past the number of followers was often one of the main criteria for measuring the success and effectiveness of an influencer, the trend is changing radically.

While it is true that brands and agencies still take into account the size of an influencer’s audience for certain strategies, the industry is increasingly aware that the number of followers alone does not guarantee impact or authenticity. Juries and brands are recognizing the importance of other factors such as authenticity, content quality and value alignment, as well as the unique way of creating content and communicating.

Today, influencers who work on connecting with their audience, generate authentic content and demonstrate a deep understanding of their niche often receive significant recognition. Relevance, consistency in message delivery and the ability to influence audience perception and behavior are increasingly prioritized aspects of influencer evaluation.

Also, it is important to note that the influencer marketing industry has matured, and brands are looking to partner with content creators who not only have a large following, but are also able to generate authentic and meaningful impact. In many cases, the effectiveness and authenticity of the partnership can weigh more heavily in decision making than simply the number of followers.

The “Ídolo” Awards have become a benchmark to highlight those content creators who excel in various categories such as best digital creator of the year, creative content, lifestyle, humor, social awareness or gastronomy. The jury of experts ensures impartiality and objectivity in the evaluation of nominations and the selection of winners, in addition to voting before a notary.

With the digital content creation industry constantly evolving, the “Ídolo” Awards continue to play a crucial role in recognizing the talent that contributes to the enrichment of the digital landscape each year, and we are greatly proud of being part of this.


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