Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation in Influencer Marketing: The Story of SamyRoad

We are thrilled to commemorate a decade of success and growth at SamyRoad, a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing. From our humble beginnings in 2014, we have evolved into global leaders in creating effective strategies that harness the power of influencers to connect brands with specific audiences worldwide.

Our tenth anniversary, marked by the hashtag #10SamyRoad, was a moment of celebration and reflection on our journey from an innovative idea to becoming a globally recognized agency. At an immersive event held at the prestigious Palacio de Neptuno in Madrid, we gathered with influencers, brands, and agencies in the industry to commemorate a decade of collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Since our founding by Patricia Ratia, Marta Nicolás, and Juan Sánchez-Herrera, we have been committed to setting a standard of excellence in the digital marketing industry. We have collaborated with renowned brands such as Unilever, Grupo Bimbo, and L’Oréal Group, and have developed groundbreaking tools such as Shinebuzz, an artificial intelligence platform that optimizes marketing strategies for brands and content creators.



Over the years, we have expanded our operations internationally, establishing offices in Lisbon, Miami, Amsterdam, and Bolivia. This strategic expansion has allowed us to better serve our clients in emerging and established markets, strengthening our presence in the global digital marketing market.

In 2020, we joined SAMY Alliance, the first global ecosystem of independent agencies, expanding our service offerings and providing our clients access to the best in creativity and data analysis worldwide. This year, we have been honored with the title of “Influence Marketing Agency of the Year” by Scopen, a consultancy specializing in marketing and communication.

Our tenth anniversary not only marks a significant milestone in our journey but also reflects the continued growth and increasing influence of influencer marketing in the marketing and advertising industry. With a pioneering focus on authenticity, creativity, and innovation, we remain committed to driving change and excellence in an ever-evolving sector.

Looking to the future, we are excited for what lies ahead and eager to continue leading the way in the world of influencer marketing. We extend our gratitude to all our clients, collaborators, and, of course, the influencers who have been part of our success in these first 10 years. Here at SamyRoad, we are ready for the next 10 years and beyond, continuing our mission to connect brands with audiences authentically and effectively worldwide.