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From Influencer Centric to Audience Centric.

We help brands activate their target audiences and niches, locally or worldwide, by identifying the interest areas of the influencer’s audience based on the content with the highest interaction rate.

We are capable of understanding the most relevant areas of interest by taking into consideration:
– Caption Texts 
– Tags
– #hashtags
– location tags


Discovery & Recruitment

Our technology can identify the most suitable influencer for your brand among more than 120 million content creators worldwide, omitting any profile with fake followers.

Identification of talents in niche areas
We use our advanced analytics tools to identify profiles that aren’t necessarily categorized as influencers but that influence the conversation on social networks in a specific territory.

Know-How of an expert team
Our consultants’ team review each proposed influencer and KOLs to ensure the match between the brand and the influencer:

– Profile consistency
– Association with brand values
– Sanity check
– Qualitative do’s and don’t
– Brands you have talked about
– Possible collaborations
– Authenticity and Credibility


Brand Affinity

We know when a crush can end in a crash. Through Shinebuzz, we analyze the affinity of an influencer with your brand’s social profile by crossing data on:

Areas of interest
Mentions of the brand in the influencer’s profile
The similarity of audiences (age, gender, location).


Performance Prediction

We are a native digital agency. Since we started, we have worked with the technology that has allowed us to help you grow.
After more than ten years of carrying out campaigns around the world for the best brands and influencers, we have the essential data to have an anticipated vision of the impact generated by the campaign:

– Reach
– View Rate
– Engagement Rate


Strategy and Creative Concept

Brand Strategists: All we know is they know.
A team of specialists identifies the territories that generate the most traction among your audience, allowing you to define a disruptive creative idea and the perfect combination of formats, media and content.

Samy Advocacy Index: Digital Analysis of the Brand, the Product and the Competition
The first index that, through social listening, can measure the digital reputation of a brand and compare it with the competition
Social Reputation | Product Experience | Content Performance

Digital Strategy Audit
We evaluate the previous strategy and the impact the campaign has had on the brand’s perception. To do this, we analyze both the owned media and the earned media generated due to the different activations.


Activation and Delivery

Our team of Brand Strategists and their experience in campaigns for the best brands are in charge of activating and monitoring each campaign from start to finish.

We work with agile methodologies to generate highly qualified turnkey projects in the shortest possible time.

“We work collaboratively, identifying the possible barriers to move forward with the project and define contingency plans that guarantee the campaign’s success.”

Ainoa Brenes – Client Strategy Director


PayRoll & Relationship Managementry

We know how to optimize the relationship with the leading players: agencies, media, partners, and influencers. To proactively anticipate any unforeseen event, we define contingency plans that guarantee the achievement of campaign results, regardless of what happens.

Samy Rate Card:
Our technology provides us with the optimal benchmark price for each influencer, taking into account criteria such as:
– Performance KPIs
– Demographics
– Platforms and formats



We amplify messages by tapping into an ‘influentials’ base with a combination of paid and organic content that boosts engagement. Activate the hidden power within your influentials’ feed with regular postings on several distinct creative activations; introducing variety and frequency to the partnership. Also by boosting posts to further optimize reach and platform/audience relevance, the added variety and frequency will make for even greater success.


Measurement & Reporting

Reporting is key to influencer marketing. It is vital to obtain learnings, implement adjustments in the strategy, and understand which influencers and ideas are positively impacting the brand.

-KPI Analysis
-Comments and Content
-Conclusion, Learnings and Recommendations
-Individual Performance