Today, May 5, we celebrate Linkedin´s 19th anniversary, the most extensive network globally. 

Like many big ideas, LinkedIn started in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman. And its primary goal was and is to provide a space to help people build their work network—a place where anybody can find a job or find someone to work with. 

Nineteen years later, Linkedin has 1.4 billion users, of which 84% use the platform to strengthen their professional network, 20% follow brands, and 11% read the news. 

According to Statista, marketers state that they will use LinkedIn a 55% more as a social media platform for specific marketing strategies and to create a sense of community with their audience.

We´ve also seen several Linkedin influencers, in other words, influential,  starting to have a tangible impact on their audience. These opinion leaders use Linkedin to create community and share their opinions and thoughts about life, work, business, and big ideas. 

Who are these TOP 5 Linkedin Influencers?

  • Gretchen Rubin – 3 Million Followers

Gretchen is an American author who has written several books, including The Four Tendencies and Better Than Before. Most of her work covers all things happiness, as happiness directly affects productivity.

  • Richard Branson – 19 million Followers

Branson is the Founder of the Virgin Group, which now owns over 400 companies across various industries. He’s an absolute master at managing and growing companies.

  • Simon Sinek – 6 million Followers

Simon is an author, motivational speaker, and optimist. He not only writes about productivity but also when it’s okay not to be productive. He wants to “inspire people to do what inspires them” which in turn makes them more productive

  • James Altucher – 1.2 million Followers 

James looks for the most painful and embarrassing situations in his life. Then, he writes about them.

  • Sramana Mitra – 440.000 followers 

She writes about entrepreneurship, and those building companies without gobs of VC cash. Owner of One million by One Million. 




16.6 million followers 


25 million followers 


5 million followers 


8,5 million followers 


24 million followers




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